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I am honoured and delighted to be part of welcoming a new soul into the world and into the Jewish community.  Whether your child arrives by birth or adoption, she/he is a gift of life and a new beginning.  A Jewish naming ceremony not only welcomes the child and gives them a Jewish name; it also brings them into the covenant, into a sense of connection to the past, and into something sacred. At the same time it supports healthy, loving relationships by bringing family and friends together to share this special day in your child’s life. I can help you choose a Jewish name for your child by which he/she will be known in the Jewish community. This could be a name that honours an ancestor, something in nature that speaks to you, or a special quality you wish for your child.  Together we will create a personalized ceremony that reflects your values, goals, hopes, and dreams as a parent.


Please contact me directly to discuss compensation for these services.


"My wife and I were searching for an individual who would be willing to lead a Jewish naming for our son. Rabbi Susan was professional, friendly, flexible, knowledgeable and articulate. Our baby naming ceremony turned out to be so beautiful and moving. It was a perfect balance of Jewish tradition and prayers led by Rabbi Susan and our personal touches. We felt lucky to have found Rabbi Susan and know she will lead many more unique and important ceremonies to come."

Baby Namings
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