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I love Shabbat.  Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel describes it beautifully as a Palace in Time.  We gather with a group of friends and give ourselves permission to engage in a Shabbat of pleasure, of rejuvenation, and of delight. From the sweetness of the moment of Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday night, when we welcome in the Shabbat Bride, to the powerful prayer and Torah learning on Shabbat morning, to the melancholy time at Seudah Shlishit, the third meal on Shabbat afternoon when we linger as long as we can in this little bit of heaven on earth.


Do you live in a small community without a resident rabbi or spiritual leader? Or in a larger community with many?  Would you like to deepen your connection with Shabbat and each other?  I would be honoured to be your Shabbat guest bringing engaging and inspiring dynamic experiences of Jewish prayer and learning to your community.  Together we will create a unique, full, and meaningful Shabbat experience.




Please contact me directly to discuss compensation for these services.


"Our group had long dreamed of hosting a religiously significant and spiritually meaningful Shabbat and Rabbi Susan brought tangible abilities to our wistful aspirations. She took the time to learn about our community to tailor the shabbaton to our unique group."


- Quest University Jewish Community Alliance 2017

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