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I am honoured to help you create a personalized celebration around your relationship and your dreams for the future.  I work closely and spend time with you, finding out who you are as individuals, as a couple, with each other, and in your families and community.  We will discuss the important things - your values, visions, hopes, and dreams.  We will talk about your religious backgrounds and spiritual practices.  Then, together, we will design a ceremony just for the two of you, a ceremony that reflects who you are and the future that you imagine for yourselves.  A ceremony that reflects your authentic approach to spirituality and your values as a couple.

I am honoured and delighted to be part of welcoming a new soul into the world and into the Jewish community.  Whether your child arrives by birth or adoption, she/he is a gift of life and a new beginning.  A Jewish naming ceremony not only welcomes the child and gives them a Jewish name; it also brings them into the covenant, into a sense of connection to the past, and into something sacred. At the same time it supports healthy, loving relationships by bringing family and friends together to share this special day in your child’s life. I can help you choose a Jewish name for your child by which he/she will be known in the Jewish community. This could be a name that honours an ancestor, something in nature that speaks to you, or a special quality you wish for your child.  Together we will create a personalized ceremony that reflects your values, goals, hopes, and dreams as a parent.


Funerals & Memorials
Baby Namings
Lifecycle Events

Jewish funeral and mourning traditions are both deeply practical and profoundly spiritual.  Loss of a loved one can be very destabilizing.  At this fragile time, some people are surprised at how important it is for them to connect with Jewish ritual and tradition, a tradition which provides profound ways to hold your grief fully and to honour the person you have lost.  I am happy to be available to help you navigate such a difficult time.  I can bring you traditional Jewish practices.  I can also offer you the flexibility and creativity to co-create a ritual that honours and reflects the life and values of the person you have lost that is both comfortable and comforting for the mourners.  As well as officiating at funerals and memorials, I am available to lead a shiva minyan, a prayer service in your home, which would give you a traditional opportunity to say kaddish, the mourner’s prayer, and to share stories of your loved one.





Please contact me directly to discuss compensation for these services.

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